Why Own a Property in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has been officially known as the Republic of Costa Rica and is located in the Central American Isthmus bordering Nicaragua and Panama. It is a place with diverse fauna and established ecotourism from national protected areas to national parks and other reserves. It has plenty of world renowned beaches and other tourist destinations such as active volcanoes, the Caribbean and Pacific beaches. For tourists there are a lot of things to do such as bird watching, trekking, trips to rural communities, swimming and others. A number of tourists have been known to stay for good in Costa Rica, they purchase a lot and live a life of fun and adventure. Why do they stay in Costa Rica? For so many reasons from loving the country, finding a love one to buying affordable property may lure one to buy a property and live in Costa Rica. Property prices maybe sometimes be affordable but for the previous years, this has risen to a good percentage but when compared to other North American states and Europe, they are still below the maximum price range. Not only are the prices of the property affordable, also the construction materials are cheaper. If you are not convinced with these benefits, then you may consider buying when you know that the real property taxes are astoundingly low. Check out  http://www.grupoecoquintas.com/ to get started.

Real property taxes are lower compared to other countries because the only 0.25% of the value of the property is paid for real property taxes. Another attractive feature of the real estate market in Costa Rica is that when you transfer one property to another, there will be no capital gains tax to be paid. Hence if you sell your home, the original cost of the property and the appreciated costs are tax free. Costa Rica is world famous for their wildlife and high level of biodiversity, they have dense rain forests that are rich in animals and floral species from sloths, tapirs, wildcats and monkeys to name a few. Migratory birds can also be found because of the lush vegetation and almost tropical climate. The biodiversity of Costa Rica has been regarded as the result of its terrain being regarded as a land bridge between North and South America. Bird watching has been very popular in Costa Rica and most foreigners who have stayed in the country loved the different birds that are listed to be more than eight hundred species. Visit  www.grupoecoquintas.com to read more about this.